Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is your Superpower?

I don't have new year resolutions. I have a plan.

It is quite simple: I have devised who I want to be 10 years from now and I have made a baby steps trajectory to get there.

I read it every morning and revise it once a year, usually in early January.

I have different objectives: financial, familial, physical, things I want to learn, skills I want to develop, people I want to meet, etc, etc. Not just things I want to buy.

Why 10 years? Because most people overestimate what can be done in a year and vastly underestimate what can be done in 10 years.

You see, most people (98,5%) have no dream except the ones they've been sold by our materialistic society: be rich, famous, have a Mac Mansion and a trophy wife (or rich husband) and travel the World as a Jet Setter. Not that it is inherently bad, but it is insufficient at best.

If you have no idea of What's Next? after you reach your basic material goals, you'll just feel empty and disappointed once you get there. This is the reason why Hollywood is full of of overly young, beautiful, successful and lost junkies flirting with overdose.

I believe everyone has a great talent (a superpower), that it is generally linked to a great dream and that it is something we enjoy doing.

Children have awesome dreams, but as they grow up, these "unrealistic" dreams are strangled by well meaning dreamless and boring adults.

Our job then, is to find back the dream, develop the talent and use it to change the World for the better.

Every time I get caught in the day to day and my life drifts toward the average and the ordinary, a red light flashes on my internal dashboard and I ask myself how I want to be remembered when I die; and good husband, wonderful friend or respected coworker is definitely not enough.

What about you?

What is your superpower?

What is your Big Dream?

How do you want to be remembered?

I say, this new year, we set out to change the World for the better.

What do you say?

Are you in?


“In the multitude of middle-aged men who go about their vocations in a daily course determined for them in much the same way as the tie of their cravats, there is always a good number who once meant to shape their own deeds and alter the world a little. The story of their coming to be shapen after the average and fit to be packed by the gross, is hardly ever told in their consciousness; for perhaps their ardour in generous unpaid toil cooled as imperceptibly as the ardour of other youthful loves, till one day their earlier self walked like a ghost in its old home and made the new furniture ghastly. Nothing in the world is more subtle than the process of their gradual change! In the beginning they inhaled it unknowingly: you and I may have sent some of our breaths toward infecting them, when we uttered our comforting falsities or drew our silly conclusions: or perhaps it came from the vibrations from a woman’s glance.”
– Middlemarch

The tragedy of the average man is that he goes to his grave with his music still in him.
– Longfellow


Sacha Declomesnil said...

j'adore! je suis heureux que tu (re)prennes du service sur ton blogue. Ca va me couter un resto, mais ca vaut la peine ;-)

sylvainrobillard said...

Il est intéressant de retenir le sujet de la vedette de what is your Superpower soit le Lapin Peter Blue transporté par "Rob" AKA ForeverWinter, Certains sont des génies de la science, d'autre des arts... Peter est né dans le chaos de l'impossible ressus"cité" des marécages de la Louisiane. Il reste le symbôle de l'impossible, des aventure irréalistes que l'on retrouve dans le fils de Hollywood mais dans 10 mois, il risque de le vers sa carière extrême vers les horizons et situation les plus eclectique que notre petite planète peut offrir. A suivre dans 10 mois si... ForeverWinter surmonte ses nouvelles limites.

Jean-Michel Ghoussoub said...

@Sacha: Merci!

@Rob: Peter et toi êtes des légendes! Tiens-moi au courant pour ton aventure dans 10 mois, je viens de m'équiper pour le sale temps.

PLR said...

Texte très inspirant, encore plus quand il s'agit de changer le monde et le rendre meilleur (mon rêve de jeunesse toujours pas perdu :-). J'ai encore plus hâte à notre lunch...

PS : Bonne année à toi, que tes rêves se réalisent et que ton foyer déborde d'amour et de santé...