Monday, May 19, 2014


We live in a strange world where sleep deprived and stressed out people commute long hours to get in prison-like offices to work on meaningless jobs that will create no real value in the real world. They don't have true friends but a network of loose ties based on short term mutual use. They are looking for true love but never find it because their conception of love is a joke, a myth propagated by TV shows. They are looking for a princess or a prince but they never work on themselves to become a prince or a princess. Meanwhile, their kids are spending more time with strangers than with their own parents. In their world, the farmers producing their food and the teachers raising their kids earn (a lot) less than movie celebrities, professional athletes and stock traders. They live longer but sadder lives in weak bodies wrecked by refined foods, lack of physical activity, stress and bad posture - not to mention substance abuse. They want to save the animals of the worlds while eating factory produced meat. They give to charities helping foreign people on distant lands while their fellow citizens are living in the streets a few blocks away. They want to save the planet while being part of a consumer society doing the exact opposite. They burn tons of fuel to spend a week on the beach in exotic places they will never take the time to truly understand or appreciate. Every morning, they drink coffee from disposable cups going straight to already full landfills. They are against slave labour with their mouths, but their wallets buy products made by slaves: smartphones, sneakers, t-shirts. They pay ridiculous prices for worthless goods that they were told are desirable: small rocks (diamonds) and rags (designer clothing). They dream of a better life but don’t go after it. They sit idle in front of the TV, watching the latest show or sports game. They are afraid of terrorists, plane crashes, lurking thieves and dangerous animals even though these dangers are statistically insignificant. At the same time, they embrace what will surely kill them: fast food, idle lifestyle, obesity, stress and driving to work. The internet gave them access instantly and effortlessly to the whole breadth of human knowledge but they use it to gossip on social networks, share cat pictures and watch porn. They have no internal values to guide them and thus are walking in between lines that were drawn for them by laws, social norms and religion. Their education clipped their wings therefore they go after what objective was sold to them as desirable. They have lost the ability to question things, to doubt. They are fed edulcored news engineered by the ruling class. They have no idea as to why they are here and what they should do with their lives. And while they aimlessly slave away, their stupidity is killing the only habitat they will ever have. And then one day, after a meaningless life, their time and life energy forever wasted, they will die an unoriginal death. And the only thing that will be left is their trash in some landfill. This will be their legacy.