Monday, January 10, 2011

The Rise of Bitchin'Kitchen

I first met Josh & Nadia at a Longboard event in 2009. They were both smart, funny, unconventional and had an incredible energy. We had lots of fun and the evening ended at my favorite restaurant Le Club Chasse et Pêche.

Since we share a love of good food, I invited them at my place a few weeks later for our traditional Friday Night BBQ (I explained in a previous post that I was a bit obsessive compulsive with steaks.) and they came over a few times.

At the time, Josh and Nadia had started a small Web TV with a unique and powerful branding called Bitchin'Kitchen that, despite its interresting fan base, was not very well known.

In less than 2 years, they have been propelled to the rank of superstars.

Nadia G. is everywhere! In addition to the Website, they now have immensely popular social media properties:  Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Twitter Account.

They also managed to publish a book: The Bitchin'Kitchen Cookbook.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that they now have their own TV Show on The Food Network and its little brother The Cooking Channel?

For all I know, it is the first time (at least in Canada), that a Web series jumps into mainstream television. No small feat.

Oh, and you can buy their merchandise online on Nadia G's Bitchin'Boutique.  

True entrepreneurs, armed with flair, style and chutzpah, they not only understood all the opportunities offered by the profound changes in the media universe, they worked harder than any of you can imagine.

As Josh once told me: "People think we're lucky. They don't understand that luck favors the prepared."

And finally, the show is good, really good. 

With so much on their hands, you'd think they'd slow down. Hell no! They are working on a new show: Rock This House.

In my humble opinion, the World needs more Bitchin'People like Josh&Nadia.

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