Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 theories of effort

Indeed, the two self-theories take very different views of effort. To incremental theorists, exertion is positive. Since incremental theorists believe that ability is malleable, they see working harder as a way to get better. By contrast, says Dweck, "the entity theory is a system that requires a diet of easy successes." In this schema, if you have to work hard, it means you're not very good.

People therefore choose easy targets that, when hit, affirm their existing abilities but do little to expand them. In a sense, entity theorists want to look like masters without expending the effort to attain mastery. – Daniel Pink, Drive

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Myriam said...

How about doing a little bit of both? Allow others to benefit from what you excel in and comes easy to you, and at the same time work hard to become great at other things... Ok, so that leaves little time to sleep, but if JMG can do it, so can we! ;-)