Friday, October 26, 2007

Billion Dollar Home

As I was reading the last issue of Conde Nast Portfolio, I came upon a modern tale of feudalism and one of the worst example of nouveau riche attitude.

Mr Ambani, India richest man, ordered an insanely extravagant house to be built on one of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) most expensive street.

Designed by Chicago Perkins and Will and estimated at $1 Billion, the 60 stories, 173m (570 ft) tower will boast a 168 cars garage, an entertainment center with a 50 seats cinema, several floors of greeneries, terraces and balconies, a health center with a swimming pool, gym, and 3 helipads on the roof.

As you've probably guessed by now, his employees do not exactly enjoy the same kind of lifestyle, not even close, and that's exactly how revolutions start...

Read the full article on Conde Nast Portfolio Web site: Rich Man, Poor Country

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Antoine said...

If I were him, I would spend a few extra millions (who care about millions, huh ?) on security systems.

One day, a hungry (and angry) crowd may have the interesting idea to take the wealth directly where it is, and assault is house. This is what happens to symbols, and his house is about to become one. Symbol of the true shift between the poor and the wealthy.

That day, mr I'm-too-rich-to-have-a-brain may finish his life in an amusing fashion. That's what happened to the ''too rich to be honnest'' people in Russia or France during their respective revolution.

Be sure that day I won't cry.


PS : nice house though, but a 168 cars garage is definitely short-sighted in my very humble opinion.