Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Take Me to The Riot

Montreal's phenomenonal Canadian indie pop band Stars recently released their new album In our Bedroom After the War.

It contains a fantastic song you oughta check out on i-tunes: Take Me to The Riot

As for the rest of the album, its almost as good as their previous one Set Yourself on Fire.

And for those of you who, like me, fell in love with lead singer Amy Millan's voice, check out her solo album Honey from the Tomb.


Jean-Michel said...

On va garder nos groupes... ils viennent de Montréal (yah!) pas de Toronto (bouh toronto!)

JM said...

Tu as raison mon cher! Ils ont été formés à Toronto mais sont maintenant à Montréal. Je vais corriger l'article! (bouh me!)

Vincent said...

Cool, I'll give them a try. I've just discovered Arcade Fire and I've been told that they have a bit of a similar style.

JM said...

I think you'll like them. In the same vein, try The Stills (Without Feathers), another fantastic band from Montreal.