Monday, July 16, 2007

The Creature from Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is off the Coast of Georgia, on the American East Coast. It is a beautiful place that once was the private property of a wealthy group of bankers from New York. Seven of them, representing at that time 1/4 of all the wealth in the World ; met there secretely in 1910 to create what became the Federal Reserve System.

Author Edward Griffin, in his book The Creature from Jekyll Island explains how it happened at a point in history dubbed The Dawning of the Cartels and, more importantly, what were the real motives behind the creation of the Fed.

According to his (very well documented) point of view, the Federal Reserve System is a joint venture (cartel) between the Government and the big banks and inflation is a tax.

To learn more about this fascinating subject, visit The Reality Zone.

Thanks to my good friend Jessie for this one.

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